The thought that military veterans only know about waging war and combat tactics is simply outdated. Veterans have a wide range of training and experience, much of it highly translatable to the business world. From accounting and legal work to transportation logistics and IT, veteran's skills often go unnoticed. Veteran Connection, Inc. works to help make changes by championing veterans and military service members in the civilian workforce.


Finding the right employer can be challenging. Veterans quickly come to realize that we are more than a typical employment agency. We provide recruitment workshops and employment seminars as well as provide resume and interviewing services.

Some of the biggest challenges for anyone is learning how to best manage money or plan for the future. Veteran Connection, Inc. has partnerships with financial experts to provide classes and workshops on everything from mortgages and budgets to credit repair and smart investing.

Having a diverse skill set is important, especially in today's business world. Our agency offers a host of programs to help increase veteran's translatable workforce skills. From advanced computer literacy and written communications training to workplace conflict resolution, we provide the training services to help men and women achieve their goals.

Nothing is more important when it comes to workplace advancement than education. We work with veterans to establish workable education plans and achievable goals. Whether it is advanced technical training, management courses or a Master's degree program, our agency helps connect veterans with the right resources, information, and classes.

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